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Part & Parcel a Yoga documentary satsang from SaGuarda Studios on Vimeo.

सत्सङ्ग Satsang (Sanskrit sat = true, sanga = company)

Part & Parcel is an intimate conversation with unorthodox characters who have dedicated their lives to the study and practice of Yoga in different forms.

A personal glimpse into the essence of Yoga through their unique vision and our own journey looking for answers. Is it a religion, a fitness fad, a scientific discipline perhaps?

Along the way, we will take part in the practise of the most traditional Sri Patanjala Yogashala temple in Mysore and venture further down the coast, where Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion is practiced along with surfing, in the world´s first surfing ashram.

From the pioneering academics in Britain to the Indian Swami living in a modern cave, we gain insights beyond the marketing stereotype and into the contrasting aspects of contemporary and millenary practices. Part & Parcel is a colourful collage of philosophy, history and personal paths into Yoga.


Documentary exploring the origin and essence of yoga through the in-depth personal views of people who have dedicated their lives to the study and practice of Yoga. This documentary is for people who have been introduced to Yoga or are curious about its more profound aspects; people who want to be motivated and inspired to practice Yoga as a empowering way of life.





Personal and lighthearted documentary with an eclectic mix of characters within the world of Yoga who inspire us through their insight in the search for the essence of Yoga.



Watch our speakers introduce themselves


Jamanagiri Swamiji

The sweet and wise Sadhu Yogi, living in a cave on Chamundi Hills on the outskirts of Mysore, India .


Arun Achappa

Mixes the pragmatic with the ancient traditions, Indian engineer, senior student of Pattabhi Jois and former yoga teacher to the German National Karate team.




BNS Iyengar

A stern living legend of Ashtanga Yoga, one of the last remaining old style lineage teachers in Mysore, who was a direct student of the revered Krishnamacharya, founder of modern Yoga.


Dr. Matthew Clark

A humorous Post graduate Research Associate of the University of London, PhD, Yogi, musician and top Yoga academic researcher in the west. Check out his book.


Baptiste Marceau

One of the original international traveling rebel yogis and shamanic practitioner. His deep practice, world knowledge and myth breaking points of view.




The Surfing Swami

Swami Bhakti Gaurava Narasingha, an American Hare Krishna monk, Bhakti Yogi and insightful bridge between east and west who has opened the world’s first surfing ashram near Mangalore on the southwest coast of India.



Breaking the social gender constraints to become an international academic and Sanskrit scholar from the University of Mysore and visiting professor at Sorbonne University, France.




Meet some of the people behind the scenes

Diego Barraza

Filmmaker and creative thinker at heart, he was awarded the Mole & Richardson Hollywood Lighting Contest in the year 2000. Recent film collaborations include Dutch-Spanish production “Tramontana” and the "Canterbury Tales" documentary.

Read the Director's notes on the process of the film in this article for GaiamTV

Kirsten Germann

She is based in the UK, practising acupuncture and teaching yoga most of the year, and always ready to go on a journey and grow.

Richard Norris

Richard Norris is a composer for theatre, film, song and contemporary performance with a key interest in fusing genres and working in different performance spaces.


Production Details

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Production details:

Name: Part & Parcel a Yoga documentary Satsang

Produced by SaGuarda Studios

Directed by Diego Barraza

Camera and Editing: Chinoix

Sound and original score by: Richard Norris

Speakers: Professor H.P. Devaki, Surfing Swami, Swamiji Jamana Giri,

Matthew Clark PhD, Arun Achappa, B.N.S. Iyengar, Baptiste Marceau

Music: Mahabongo, Richard Norris, Sharaab, Danny Paradise feat Dominic Miller and Edie Brickel

Line Producer: Kirsten Germann

Yoga Hero: Suresh Baht

Field Producers: Surya Prakash, Shivanand Kambimat and Nealesh Rodricks

Sanskrit consultant: Dr. Ronald Steiner

Script Consultant: Shai Hussain, Mark Bedford

Creative consultants: Gavin Blowman and Frida Larios

Additional still photos: Heather Halavais and Valerie Shaff

VO coach: Annette Armstrong

Duration: 55min 05sec

Format: 16:9 HD

Country: UK



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Produced by

Saguarda Studios



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